About us

Light Design is a wholly owned Irish company and although established in 2001 has deep roots in the electrical & lighting industry in Ireland going back to 1970 and the establishment of what became Irelands largest electrical wholesaler. The current owner Paul Brennan has 20 years’ experience in these markets. Having worked for various companies Paul has developed a wide and practical knowledge of all aspects of Lighting including design, technical advice and supply.

Lighting technology has changed dramatically over the last five years and these developments have been fully embraced by Light Design so that we can offer a wide range of energy efficient products and solutions using traditional light sources to the vast range of energy efficient LED luminaires.

We are exclusive representatives in Ireland for a number of major European lighting companies who we promote to Architects, Electrical Engineers, Interior Designers and Electrical Contractors.

Our product range allows us to offer energy efficient luminaires for any type of lighting project you may be working on. Our main areas are Architectural, Commercial, Industrial, Office, Retail Display, Street, Exterior & Domestic.

A full design service is available with CAD integration as well as independent advice on how to reduce your running costs by upgrading your existing lighting installation to a more modern more economic / efficient solution.

If we had more time and space we would like to show you every luminaire or chandelier we can offer. What you will see on the following pages represents product offered by our principal partners but please  do not hesitate to enquire about any type of luminaire or solution you may be endeavouring to source.

So whether you are an Architect / Designer looking for solutions for your project, an engineer specifying products for a project  or an electrical contractor looking for assistance not available from your wholesaler our lighting specialist Paul Brennan will be happy to help and assist you.

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