FLASHAAR® combines ingenuity, high quality standards and future-oriented craftsmanship with high-tech components: By using state-of-the-art LED technology, a high degree of production depth and quality assurance in our in-house lighting laboratory, we create products without compromising on quality. Based on a unique Plug & Play technology for lighting, we have been developing and producing LED system kits for over 12 years. Our goal: Achieving growth whilst protecting the environment and the climate. Our energy-saving lighting solutions replace old lighting systems which consume large amounts of energy and thus greatly reduce CO2 emissions. We take care to ensure short transport routes to our suppliers and only use pollutantfree and recyclable materials. Research and Development, Sales, and Production teams work hand in hand and in close cooperation under one roof.

Our innovative profile systems and energy-efficient lighting solutions showcase modern and historic buildings, underscore unusual design concepts and provide functional lighting. Lighting planners, architects, hotel designers and yacht outfitters all rely on our quality products that are exclusively “Made in Germany”; we have long-standing partnerships with many of them, which have grown out of numerous projects throughout Germany and internationally.

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